Annual 3CX license pricing EX GST
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Sim calls license**Standard licensePro licenseEnterprise license
43CX free license$230$285
83CX free license$420$520
  • 3CX reserves its right to adjust pricing prior to 31/12/21
    ** All Standard licenses are free for the 1st year

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All professional licenses come with one hour of free support which can be used to configure your SIP provider, consultation on how best to configure your system or to help with issues you may encounter when programming your 3CX PBX.

Licenses are not refundable but we can issue you with a trial license key to help get you started in building your system before you purchase a professional license. A trial key can then be replace with a paid key.

How our 3CX License pricing works:
  • How is 3CX priced?
    3CX software is licensed based on the simultaneous calls your business uses – you can add unlimited users. All features in your 3CX system are instantly available to all users!
  • How is Hosted by 3CX priced?
    Hosted by 3CX is free for all customers for the first year. Thereafter there is an annual hosting services charge, which is dependent on the number of simultaneous calls of your license. Find more info here.
  • What’s a simultaneous call?
    Our licensing is based on how many calls you will need concurrently at any given time (incl. Internal calls).
  • What’s an annual subscription?
    An annual subscription is the yearly license fee paid in order to enjoy a fully functional 3CX system.
  • Which license sizes are free?
    All 4SC licenses are free for one year. The Standard 4SC remains free perpetually, which means no renewal is required.