Your companies phone system build around your needs

3CX is a software based PBX phone system which has many benefits over traditional PBX systems.

1/ Choose from a wide range of handsets, intercoms and paging devices from different manufacturers you can connect to your system as your business grows. With traditional systems where you must use their propriatory handsets and when a handset model is end of life you may have to purchase second hand replacements or update your whole system.

2/ Your system will always be uptodate. Your annual 3CX licence fee includes software updates which include new features keeping your system on the cutting edge of VoIP technology without having to replace obsolete systems every three years.

3/ The web client and soft client allows your users to work remotely with little or no changes to your system. Users can simply scan the QR code from their web portal onto their mobile phone and they have their desk extension on their mobile phone.

4/ Host your system on a Virtual machine on your existing server or host it in the cloud. Remote offices can connect directly to your 3CX system without the need for costly VPN or MPLS solututions.

Putting your new system together is as easy as choosing your handsets and VoIP carrier and we do the rest.

Choose your handsets or soft client on your PC
Choose from a range of business VoIP handsets that suit your business needs.
Example– A small business with a reception and 5 staff would require
             1 x Yealink T46G handsets with optional Bluetooth adaptor and headset
             4 x Yealink T41G handsets

Choose your VoIP carrier
Choose the number of outgoing lines required. All VoIP carriers have unlimited incoming calls. mVoice offers 2 concurrent calls  for $9.90 per month or 5 concurrent calls for $34.95. Calls are 10 cents for national calls and 14 cents per minute to mobiles with a 14 cent flag fall. And YES you can take your existing phone number with you, even if you move.

Add call flow and features
We will help you with the call flow for incoming calls, IVR menu’s, Greetings, after hours messages, voicemail, music on hold, handset customization and training for your staff.

Optional extras
Overhead paging integration, Expansion modules for more keys on your reception handset, Bluetooth and DECT cordless headsets are just a few of the optional extras we have available. If we don’t have something readily available we are happy to source it for you.