Unlimited dedicated basic conference rooms

Host your own conference calls with ease with your own pre set up conference rooms.

Staff can easily join your conference calls by calling the conference local number for your state or you can have your own dedicated
in-dial number for your business. Enter the conference PIN number, announce your name and your in the conference.

  • Custom welcome greetings when participants enter the room
  • Dial in from your own dedicated phone number
  • Unlimited usage with unlimited time
  • Custom or standard music on hold
  • Talker detection and talker optimisation
  • User join / leave announcement
  • Wait for leader option
  • High Definition audio for internal callers 
  • Have multiple conference rooms for different departments 
  • Fix pricing with no time restrictions
    $150 per month for up to 10 participants then $10 per additional user per month

Unlimited conference rooms with all the bells and whistles

  • Feature rich moderator portal
  • Email summary with recordings attached after each conference
  • Add and schedule conferences via a tablet or smart phone
  • Multiple mode conferences classroom or lecture mode
  • Create both reservation-less and reservation-based audio conferences.
  • Customize each audio conference room regarding entry tones, vanity PINs, recording preferences, and other requirements.
  • Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook iCalendar application to send invitations to desired conference participants.
  • View real time picture of a running audio conference via Web Portal with participants shown by name or by caller ID
  • Display the loudest speaker.
  • Identify and mute a participant who may be inadvertently injecting noise into the audio conference
  • Auto mute noisy lines or lines with excessive echo.
  • Merge two or more audio conferences into one without dropping any calls.
  • Transfer participants between conferences.
  • Send a detailed end of conference summary report to the moderator after a given audio conference is over.
  • Record an entire conference or excerpts from a conference and playback via PC’s media player or via dial-in IVR
  • Conduct Operator-assisted conference
  • Secure Audio Conference calls