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Hosted 3CX for hospitality and small business      Click here to download brochure

Often our first interaction with a new customer is on the telephone so it is important to have the best customer experiance everytime.

The last thing you want is for your caller to hear the call continuously ringing while your on another call or even worse be engaged.

From a Pizza bar or a restaurant to a small hair salon a phone systems for hospitality means you can make the most of every call for your business.

With a hosted 3CX system yout small business phone system can have all of the telephone features used by the big boys at a fraction of the cost even if you only have a single handset.

How are calls managed?

We can customise how calls are handled when they come into your business depending on if you are open or redirect calls after hours.

Open hours
Ring sound for 15 seconds <if no answer>

Welcome message <‘Welcome to the ABC Pizza Bar, please hold and we will be with you shortly’>

If no answer within a specified time you can have an option for voicemail with an email notification so you will never miss a call.

After hours
Ring sound for 10 seconds <if no answer>

Divert to an after hours voicemail message or calls can be answered on your 3CX mobile client or mobile phone.

Using voicemail to email allows you to listen to the messages directly from your email on your mobile phone is even if you are out of the building you can still return important calls.

Included features:-

Custom ‘Welcome message’ when your calls ring in
Optional messages on hold
Mobile soft client included with each extension

After hours messages with voicemail and email notification
Call Hold / Parking
Call Forwarding and follow me for your extension
Transfer calls to anywhere
After hours messages and voicemail

Answer your calls from different locations for multi site businesses

Joining our hosted 3CX PBX with 4 easy steps.
1 We can recommend a VoIP provider to host your phone number. You can even use more than one provider for least cost routing to reduce your phone bills.
2 Select from a range of desk handsets, cordless handsets or you may prefer headsets only using the 3CX webclient.

3 All of the programming is included and we can walk you through the call flow of your new system. As your needs change we can adjust the programming accordingly. This may include changing staff names or the order in which your phones ring for incoming calls.

4 Training on using your new system including making the most of the new features available.

Free setup
No contracts
No licence fees
Customised programming included
Support included
Add users as your business grows
Your choice of handsets or soft client

Your choice of SIP providers

Keep your phone number

Save up to 30% off the upfront cost of selected Yealink handsets for Hosted plans
* 1 handset per extension *

$160 Inc – Now $112$250 Inc – Now $175$270 Inc – Now $189$450 Inc – Now $315

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