Message on hold by Helen the voice of 3CX

Creating a script that’s effective and gets you results, is an art form.

Helen Kordina has trained and worked for over 20 years doing just this.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Acting and Voice; she has a certificate in Radio from the highly recognised Melbourne Radio School and has been writing and voicing in the media for over 20 years.

Her radio career started as a Creative Writer and Voice Over Artist in Mildura, a year later Helen set up the writing HUB for STAR FM Albury and 68 other regional stations, before moving to Adelaide to become Fiveaa’s Creative Director.

Helen’s voice is well-known voice around Adelaide, being Fiveaa’s station voice for a number of years and can be heard on many commercials on radio and television.

When you choose Helen to write your message or commercial, you’re getting over 20 years experience in writing for the ear.  

Helen is the voice of the Australian prompt set for 3CX worldwide.
From custom IVR recording to messages on hold scripts Helen will professionally record you corporate messages ready to upload into your 3CX system. By using Helen as your voice artist all of the recordings on your 3CX system will be constant with the same voice all the way through giving a more professional finish to any system.

Voiceover and creating writing for:-

  • Voicemail greetings
  • Welcome greeting
  • Digital receptionist (IVR menu’s)
  • After hours and holiday messages
  • Full messages on hold scripts with royalty free music

Email you requests to for a quote.

Some Example work from Helen